Oh you’re a vegan now…what do you eat?!

So since going vegan, I’ve been asked “what on earth do you eat?”a lot these days. People in my circle are either intrigued because they have no idea what vegans eat or they pity me because they think I eat rabbit food. I even had my mother-in-law try feed me fish and eggs because she thinks that they aren’t “as bad” as animal flesh. Sigh.

So anyway, I just thought that assure everyone that I am still eating and not only that, but in abundance!!! I eat so much more on a vegan lifestyle than I did when I was omni – it’s awesome! I can eat SO much more fruit than before and heaps of beans, veggies and nuts.  Continue reading

Glass noodle salad!

It’s been a super crazy busy week with something on every single night! I’ve managed to squeeze three very short workouts in this week and I’ve had to opt for super easy meals. Most of them didn’t make it to the blog because I didn’t have time to make them pretty and take photos of them…except for this one! This one was so quick and easy to make. Initially, I was suppose to use these ingredients to make rice paper rolls, but since I only had about 1/2 hour to cook, I decided to throw it into a salad instead, hence it’s a ‘deconstructed’ rice paper roll salad XD

Glass noodles, also known as cellophane noodles, Chinese vermicelli or mung bean threads can easy be found at your local Asian groceries. They are packed with complex carbs (i.e. low-GI which means that they release energy slowly and does not cause a spike in your blood sugars) which is great fuel for your body 😀 Continue reading

Choc Bean mini muffins (Gluten-free, vegan)

red bean cake
Cantonese Red Bean Cake

The idea of using beans to make desserts was inspired by my mum who used to always make ‘red bean cake’ which is a traditional Cantonese dessert made with sweetened red beans and red been paste.

It’s really cool to think that actually many traditional Asian desserts are actually vegan, made with ingredients like beans, tapioca flour, fruits, nuts and coconut & coconut products etc.

This recipe takes uses the idea of beans for dessert to make ridiculously delicious and healthy choc bean mini muffins.

Continue reading

Why I’ve become Vegan

So it’s time to come out of the closet – I’ve become vegan. Shortly after I started this blog, I was discussing with a friend how much meat we consume in our diet and how it would probably be good to have a day during the week where we eat less or no meat. This led me to look online for some vegetarian recipes ideas, which then led me to find an article on the Vegetarian Times that outlines a list of various reasons why people choose to become vegetarian. Continue reading

Tangy Cabbage Stew

When I think of cabbage soup,  it reminds me of poor Charlie from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory whose family couldn’t afford anything other than cabbage soup every night. I wish that I could’ve met his family and shown him how to make this version of a cost-effective yet hearty and delicious tangy cabbage stew, which is also partly inspired by the traditional Chinese hot and sour soup 🙂 Continue reading

Chickpea patties

So on the weekend, we were invited for a BBQ – the least ‘veggo-friendly’ style of dining! XD

Initially, I asked Terence to go buy some Veggie burgers from the supermarket, but then I realised, I don’t even know what’s in those store-bought burgers; they could be heavily processed, filled with MSG and preservatives for all I know! So I decided, not to be lazy and make my own. It turned out to be super easy to make and a lot cheaper too 😀  Continue reading